Thursday, April 6, 2017

Walking Dead Woes

I watch the Walking Dead, I know SHOCKER!!! Especially since I said ixnay on the orrorhay (no to the horror) if your pig latin is weak. When I was super pregnant with my first daughter she decided it would be a good idea to be late and not just a few days late, over a week late. So in order to keep myself busy I binge watched 3 seasons of the Walking Dead. Nothing gets the heart pumping and labor started like zombies. So this season I was prepared for the worst, Negan was arriving and he was going to "get shit done"! So imagine my disappointment when the season was just kind of...meh!!! Below are the ten things that made the season interesting! (SPOILERS are everywhere , just saying)!

1.One of my favorite heart pumping, I wanted it to last way longer scenes was the clotheslining of the zombies that took out a herd of them. In my mind I thought keep going, I could watch five minutes of this! Michonne and Rick hotwire their cars with a line between them and just drive and cut through zombies and lots of them. It was an awesome scene and it keeps things interesting, I mean how many times can you stab a zombie and keep it fresh, SNOOZE!

2.The tiger this year whether it was real, whether it was CGI, I don't care! The whole season I yelled at the tv, "MAKE THAT TIGER KILL SOMEONE!" Finally that tiger did his job! The tiger went badass and jumped at the right moment saving Carl's melon and scaring the "shiznat" out of Negan who ran for his life because of the GD tiger. See the clip below and if you haven't seen the season finale yet obviously this is a major SPOILER:

3. Speaking of Negan he drives me crazy, I both love and hate him. I want him dead because he is a pain in the BUTT, but he is so funny! His one liners crack me up and his delivery is spot on. I give major kudos to the directors for casting Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, as he truly is Negan! 

4.So I wasn't entirely impressed with the Garbage Pail Adults this season, they were a little too on the Mad Max side and led by a Tilda Swinton look alike. Her disposition was something to be desired. She was trying to be all sex appeal, but in a dominating way and I am sorry but your bowl cut with extensions wasn't selling it. However, I will give them credit for giving us one of the coolest walkers by far this year, the decked out speared through walker, "cutely named Winslow", that Rick had to fight to prove himself! I hope that in the end "Tilda" gets thrown in the pit with her pal Winslow. 

5. So it is probably time to discuss Lucille and her "tap, tap, TAPPIES", to the head of some of our fave characters. So prior to the season starting I assumed that Abraham was the one that got smacked down. It was the manner in which, they talked him up so much prior to that last episode, got his relationship going with Sasha, he just had goner written all over him. Plus Negan, says, "you are a tough one," I knew Abraham would fit that bill. HOWEVER, given that I know the comic book storyline I knew Glenn was probably in for it as well. I didn't see it coming how the directors envisioned it and that BLEW ME AWAY!! Now who could say that TEARS would be flowing during a zombie show. I mean I was half a box of Kleenex ugly crying. It was that bad and it made me despise Negan, which was the point for us to really not like the guy. Well played!

6.Daryl played by Norman Reedus has always been one of my favorite characters on the show and he is also a HUGE fan favorite. GOD help the directors and producers the day he kicks the bucket. This season was rough for Daryl and he really went through a lot of different emotions. He felt like he was responsible for the death of Glenn and then he was captured by Negan. He got away, had a reuniting with Carol, and then got his redemption a bit by shooting some of them off at the season finale. However, we all know that there are two people that Daryl really wants to knock out Negan and Dwight. He clearly has given Dwight enough chances so he doesn't need to trust him, he is a huge risk to Daryl and he knows it. Daryl is trying to do what he thinks is right for the group and he has every right to be worried. I just hope it doesn't break him, because honestly he is my favorite!

7.Sasha sacrifices herself for the group by turning into a zombie and then nearly eats Negan's face off. I assumed that this was her intention, I mean what crazy person wants to ride in a coffin? However, it would have been much better if she did actually bite him. I know that they want to ride out Negan's character as long as possible, but redeeming Sasha's sacrifice would have made it seem much more worthwhile. I know, I know, Sasha's diversion allowed Carl to then start shooting people and the war began, but still I would have cheered if Sasha took him out!!

8.Is Eugene a traitor or really a good con-artist? I have yet to decide how they are going to swing Eugene's storyline. He has been known to save his own BUTT, many times because he is just so damn weird. I am hopeful that they will make Eugene into a hero instead of a villain because I think he is just too innocent to become truly Negan. I also think that in his quirkiness he is so insanely smart that he thinks about 100 steps ahead and has already figured out how he will outsmart Negan. 

9.Can we just kill off Gregory already? He is one of the most annoying characters and clearly he is giving Negan the information. He is a push over and a coward. Just put him in a corner with his whiskey so he can suck his thumb and cry about it. I hope it bites him in the butt because Negan is no one's friend and Gregory is a fool, he never chooses the right allies. The fact that Maggie saved him from the walkers was a disappointment, he would have been a good snack!

10. So although this season didn't blow me away and leave me in a state of "WHAT'S NEXT?", like last season, I do hope that this lull will lead up to something great! I mean we did have some great things happen, the arc of the season did change some of the characters, like Morgan. Next season we are going to have a different fire out of Morgan and I look forward to seeing how his path develops, and seeing how the now combined groups are going to push to unseat Negan from his throne. Just promise me this one thing, PLEASE TAKE HIM OUT WITH THE GD TIGER!!

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