Friday, April 7, 2017

Coupon Princess

I cannot exactly call myself a Coupon Queen because I am not exactly an extreme couponer. I don't feel the need to buy 50 body washes in a shopping trip or 20 packs of bubble gum just because it is free, but I do understand a lot about the art of saving a buck. Hopefully these tips will help you save some moola even if it is just at the Princess status not at the Queen of the Throne status.

1.I learned very quickly that I did NOT want to buy lots of Sunday papers. That was a VERY bad idea I mean how many times can you honestly papier mache? However, if you coupon and you want the best deal you often need multiple copies of your favorite coupons. Hence, where you can purchase in lots of five the coupons that you need for a small fee plus shipping. Much cheaper than buying lots of Sunday papers! Plus you get the added bonus of choosing the coupons that you want so you don't end up with five rogaine coupons or cat litter coupons when you don't have a cat or a bald cat.

2.Printable coupons are an easy way for you to find the coupons that you want to use without having to buy any newspapers as well. You can print two coupons per account, unless the manufacturer resets the coupon. Most coupons will reset each month, some coupons that are more popular such as diapers will reset mid-month. I use MyPoints to print out my grocery coupons because I earn points on my printed coupons and I can use the points to earn gift cards. I can also earn points for other things within MyPoints such as surveys, clicking emails, making purchases through the site, etc. There are other sites that are just like MyPoints, but I prefer this one as I have used it the longest.

Click to join MyPoints!

3.Always check with the stores that you shop at frequently for rewards programs that you can use within the store. Stores like Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, and Shaw's all have their own types of rewards programs that you can use. Sometimes it is a mobile app or you can upload it online and just enter a phone number like the MyMixx program through Shaw's. Target offers Cartwheel, which is both mobile or online. The good thing about Cartwheel is that if it is not a manufacturing coupon you are able to stack the coupons. So if the coupon is from Target and you have a manufacturing coupon as well you can use both, creating a greater savings. SavingsCatcher from Walmart allows you to scan your receipt with your mobile phone and they search for lower prices and then they put the difference on a gift card.

4.Be sure to check out your drug store ads and don't rule them out thinking they will be more expensive. Remember they are in the business of needing to make money also. They often have to have deep discounts or sales to compete with big box stores. So companies like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens will often have prices that are lower on certain products. It may take time to comparison shop, but remember many people have already done that hard work for you. My favorite is of course Hip 2 Save, but another one to check out for deals is Couponing to Disney. Links below:

5. Speaking of going to places that you might rule out, one time I got six months worth of toilet paper for 35 dollars at Staples. Yes you heard that right, STAPLES, the office supply store! With my coupons and the Staples deal it was $3.50 for 30 rolls. Now that is a deal!! So make sure that you really search around. Sometimes the biggest deals can be in the strangest places.

6.Always be prepared by reading your store's coupon policy. Nothing is more embarrassing than thinking you are going to pay under $100 for a transaction and then finding out you spent double that amount because your coupons didn't work because of a coupon policy you didn't know about. Due to the extreme couponers and the show that developed from it, stores have tightened their coupon policies. Now we could get all huffy about it, but honestly they are are running a business and who really needs 50 shampoos in one transaction, are you running a SALON with your SUAVE shampoo, I don't think so!

7.Coupons are for more than just groceries always remember that. There are coupons for EVERYTHING and any good shopper should always search for a coupon before they go shopping or at the very least expect money back when shopping. There are a couple ways that you can do this. You can always go to a cash back site when doing any sort of online shopping. Sites like Ebates, Swagbucks, Mypoints, are all very popular for getting cash back on items. Another way to save money is to always check for coupons upon checkout there are to ways to do this the easy way and the easier way. So the easy way is to check out the website enter the store you are buying from and they will pop up any coupon that is running that day. The easier way is to install Honey on your computer Honey! Honey automatically finds all the possible coupons that could work and they run them before you checkout.

8.Stock up on the staples, and not the ones that stick your papers together. Whenever there is a great deal, (the toilet paper deal for instance) stock up! Now be sure not to stock up on perishables because there is nothing worse than buying 40 yogurts and only eating 10, but you only got them for 5 bucks, well you still are wasting. However, items like laudry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, bath/body products, toothpaste, etc. these make great stock up items if they are deeply discounted.

9.Always do yourself a favor and check clearance sections in Target or Walmart. If you can find a brand name item on clearance that you have a coupon for double YAY!!! Also some of the best things I get are in the clearance section. I usually buy most of my girl's clothing from clearance or outlet stores with coupons added on to the discount.

10. My last tip is why I may one day be promoted to a Coupon Queen because even though I am just a Princess being a coupon anything comes with great responsibility. Remember that having a coupon is a gift. Someone is giving you money for an item that someone, somewhere will have to buy. So if you come across a coupon that you may not need, it may be of use to someone else. So sprinkle the coupon love! Whenever I get a cat food coupon that I don't need I drop it off in the pet section next to the food and spread the coupon love because someone else will have to buy that food and I just saved them some money! I win, they win, we all win!! Happy Saving!!

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