Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Books Worth Reading

For those who really know me, well I am a HUGE reader. I consume books probably just as much as I consume chocolate and ice cream. Thankfully the pages of books are painfully dry and they just bind you up, so I just read them and then gladly pass my best recent reads on to you. Links are attached just in case you are wanting to buy them right away, because honestly if these are as good as ice cream and chocolate you BETTER go and buy them, RIGHT NOW!!

1.So I was having a moment some would say after my second child was born and I needed more HUMOR in my life. I say maybe I was just mad that I had now nursed a second child and I now definitely was going to need that boob job. So I went on a blind book date and I met someone, Jenny Lawson. Now I have told her this and strangely she has never responded. I know she is very busy and I am like bottom rung of her high ladder, but she saved me with her humor. What couldn't possibly be funny about a taxidermied raccoon on the cover of a book? Thank god it wasn't a PEACOCK, (see my animal punching post). So if you have not had the pleasure of reading a Jenny Lawson book please read my personal fave Furiously Happy and be sure to check out her most recent book You are Here, which is both an adult coloring book and a collection of stories.

2.I read a lot of YA books, maybe because I tend to be a lazy reader and I like to read things quickly and I am also highly competitive and like to read as many books as possible in a year. Plus I am busy an don't have time to read a 700 page novel, sorry Stephen King I am getting super old! One of my favorite YA books I read recently was The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner. It mixes teenage struggles, with religious extremes and the challenges when you question your faith. 

3. I have two girls age 4 and 2 so I had to put some of my favorite children books that I absolutely laugh out loud at even as an adult. One of my favorite books is The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak. The book makes all adults sound ridiculous which children love, it has just enough potty humor to make you wish you didn't read it to your 4 and 2 year old, and then you have to try and figure out a string of non-sensical words at the end of the book for everyone's entertainment. Fun for everyone!! 

4.Speaking of kids books that are just down right ridiculous, but fun for adults as well, the books Mix it Up and Press Here are so fun for everyone at night time. Especially because just like the mythical creatures that come to visit when your teeth fall out and when you put up your Christmas tree, the children are convinced that they are making these things do truly happen. Hours of entertainment for merely doing nothing but reading! These books are written by Herve Tullet, which I never have tried to read his name to my children because I don't know how to say it and honestly I would probably just try to make it rhyme with "curve mullet". 

5.Ok enough with my children because honestly right now they are taking up my valuable reading time and I want to talk more about my books. So every once an awhile I read a book that might not be super exciting, more of a tear jerker or a moving story. I know what humorous person would be interested in that. Well I have more than just one set of feelings and I am impressively well read. You should see my Goodreads books reading list, you would be alarmed! Back to the crux of the matter, historical fiction, ok WAKE UP, I promise you it will be good! The Nightingale is about a woman who works to do anything to piss off the nazis and I mean anything, she is badass and that is why it is not a snooze book it is AMAZING so read it!

6.When you read a great book and you just so desperately want a sequel and then the sequel is kind of ehh....you are disappointed but you can move on because the first book was just that amazing. This is the case with the book EveryDay by David Levithan. A boy who wakes up as a different person everyday but he falls in love and has to convince the girl of who he is. The story is so romantic and so powerful as it explores all types of relationships and types of love. Can you truly love anyone no matter their looks, their sex, their race, etc.? It is an amazing book about human connection, but I would say skip the sequel you will be sad :(

7.I came upon The Husband's Secret because some colleagues were raving about it and I was intrigued. It sounded like a book that I didn't typically read, but that I would have interest in at least starting. Then I became a Liane Moriarty addict. If you have never had the chance to read one of her books she has this masterful way of writing where she weaves her characters in and out of each others lives so well and then WHAM, you are taken on an emotional roller coaster that you never expected. Her book Big Little Lies was recently turned into an HBO series and of course I would love to watch it, but I have to read the book first. The Husband's Secret sounds so devilish and seductive, but it is far from it and the mystery, misery, and emotion tied to the families are profound. I will warn you, if you are not good at focusing, keep a flow chart or something of characters, NOT like GAME OF THRONES flow chart style, but you know just organize yourself. 

8.Back to books that have sequels but this series is one worth reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. When I first read the book I was intrigued by the photographs that were enclosed. The freakish, carnival style pictures that looked straight out of a horror film, mixed with the fact that the book was supposed to be YA, I wasn't entirely convinced. The monsters are a bit on the grotesque side and they have a taste for eyeballs. I am particularly afraid of anything that attacks my eyes, hence my FEAR OF BIRDS. This series of books by Ransom Riggs is great and I love the fantasy element, the monsters, the mystery, the danger, all the elements of a good book. I have yet to read the last in the series so I hope it doesn't fail me.

9. When I was lying on a bed about ready to give birth to my second child I was reading on my Kindle, the book Wonder. A book about a boy with a facial deformity and the bullying and difficulties he has to face in school and in public. The book was gut wrenching and also so heart warming that a child could face adversity. I loved that it told the story from all sides, how did it affect him and his family, his sister, his friends. It was beautifully written and is now going to be a major motion picture. Do yourself a favor and read this book before you see the movie!
10.I LOVE TO READ, can you tell, and from a variety of different genres, I will leave this spot to be continued as I am reading a book that might just fill in this space, but I don't want to give it the honor until the book is finished. So far so good, but I finally became an adult and decided to read a 700 plus page book. Good GOD!!! Did you know that Stephen King's son writes books and they are just as long as his father? It is like they have contests to see who can write the longest book. Hopefully his book that I am reading will fill this last spot!

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